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12.4 Gold Resources in Your Own State or Region


12.4: Gold resources in your own state or region

Help kids learn about gold resources that may be found in them-thar hills of their own home state or region. Use the U.S. Geological Survey web site to guide you to info on mineral resources in your state. It also will guide you to your state‘s geological survey or division of mines. Simply click on your state on the map that appears on the opening pages of the USGS web site and then follow the links.

Check bookstores and outdoor or camping supply stores for guides and maps to gold regions in your state. In bookstores, these are often found in sections selling field guides or regional books. In camping supply stores, these are often found in the maps and publications section. While most guides focus on gold-rich states like Alaska, Nevada, or California, you can find guides to many other states and regions. Wherever there‘s gold, there seems to be a book about it. For instance, here‘s a partial selection:

Koschmann, Principal Gold Producing Districts of Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee

Wendt, Where to Prospect for Gold in Alaska Without Getting Shot!

Preston, Arizona Gold and Gem Maps

Toole, Where to Find Gold in California

Voynick, Colorado Gold: From Pike’s Peak Rush to the Present

Dwyer, Lake Superior Gold: An Amateur’s Guide to Prospecting

Stevens, Memoirs of a Maine Gold Hunter and other books by Stevens

Klein, Where to Find Gold and Gems in Nevada

Preston, Nevada Gold and Gems Maps: Then & Now

Wilson, Gold Panning in New Mexico: From Map Reading to Staking the Claim

Koschmann, Principal Gold Producing District of New Mexico

Knapp & Glass, Gold Mining in North Carolina: A Bicentennial History

Gerrick, Gold Prospecting in Ohio

Beydler, Virginia Gold Mines: The Golden Piedmont

Battien, Gold Seekers: A 200 Year History of Mining in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Lower British Columbia

Joseph Petralia‘s Gold! Gold! A Beginner’s Handbook & Recreational Guide: How & Where to Prospect for Gold talks about the history of gold and prospecting methods, and then includes a chapter that gives a general idea as to where gold has been found in the Southeast, Rocky Mountain states, and the West.

In addition, look in back issues of Rock & Gem magazine. They publish an annual issue devoted to gold, and for a long time, they‘ve been including as a regular feature maps to specific gold-panning locations at various accessible spots across the country. Check around for publications like these, whether in your local library, bookstores, camping supply stores, or your state geological survey or division of mines.

Note: Kids who give a presentation on where gold can be found can use this activity toward earning their Communication badge simultaneously (Activity 7.1).