Waco Gem and Mineral Club, Waco, Tx

19.3 The Best Time You Spent with Your Senior Member


19.3: The Best Time You Spent With Your Senior Member

Have kids write a paragraph about the best time they had with their senior members. This could be a laugh over a special memory the senior member shared from his or her own childhood or a special treat like cookies or cobbler that the senior member shared from an old family recipe. It might be a story from the 'old days' of the club. Or it may be a special fossil or mineral discovery they made together on a club field trip.

Have junior members share their paragraphs with their senior members before turning it in to the junior leader. With the senior member‘s permission, the junior member might see if the society newsletter editor will publish the paragraph to share the experience with all the society members.

Note: Kids whose paragraphs are published in the society newsletter can use this activity to satisfy requirements toward earning the Communication badge simultaneously (Activity 7.2).