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8.3 Taking a Field Trip


8.3: Taking a Field Trip

NoteThis activity is required to earn this badge.

The first step in taking a field trip is planning. You should follow the recommendations in Activity 8.2 for selecting a field trip site and choosing the appropriate supplies. You should make a map and write out clear directions to the site, along with a list of recommended tools and materials to bring, and distribute this to field trip participants.

And you should know how many people you‘ll be leading on the trip. A trip with just a few participants is a lot less intrusive—especially on a rancher‘s private land—than a trip with 30 or 40 participants. The larger the group, the more management concerns to consider, and the more adults you‘ll need to help chaperone. So get a clear idea as to the size of your group by circulating a field trip sign-up sheet.

It‘s usually a good requirement to have one or both parents accompany their kids on a field trip. If they can‘t, any absent parents should sign a permission slip and liability release, providing phone numbers where they may be reached during the time you‘ll be on the trip, and you should let them know when you‘ll return and where to call in case of questions. Everyone (kids and adults) participating in a field trip should also sign a personal injury and liability release form. Finally, during the trip itself, it‘s best to use the buddy system with two kids always together in case one is injured.

Following is a series of forms to assist you in planning and conducting a group field trip. These are provided as examples only, and you should modify and adapt them for your own, individual needs and purposes.

Note: Because several other badges involve taking a field trip, kids can work toward earning their Field Trips badge and other badges simultaneously. For instance, see Activities 2.4 (Earth Resources), 3.5 (Fossils), 9.4 (Leadership), 11.4 (Earth in Space), 12.5 and 12.6 (Gold Panning & Prospecting), 14.5 and 14.6 (Stone Age Tools & Art), and 20.4 (Maps).