Waco Gem and Mineral Club, Waco, Tx

Badge 9 Leadership


9. Leadership

Learning to lead is an important skill that will benefit you far beyond this hobby of rockhounding. As you learn from your youth leader, we hope you will be inspired to take the initiative to become a leader yourself. As you develop and deepen your knowledge and skills gained through FRA activities, assist in teaching your fellow youth members and in helping your youth leader to decide which activities to pursue with the group. The following are intended to help you assume and develop a leadership role within your club.

Activity 9.1: Becoming a Youth Officer

Become an officer within your youth group and help decide what topics and activities your group will do this year.

Activity 9.2: Organizing a Group Display

Take charge of organizing a group pebble pup display at your club show or at another venue, such as a library display window.

Activity 9.3: Leading a Show-and-Tell Session or Presentation

Lead a group show-and-tell session, presentation, or symposium to adult members of your club.

Activity 9.4: Planning and Leading a Field Trip

Plan and lead a field trip.

Activity 9.5: Overseeing a Newsletter Column or an Entire Youth Newsletter

Oversee a monthly column for a year in your club‘s newsletter or start and edit your own junior members‘ newsletter.

Activity 9.6: Managing a Youth Activity Booth at a Local Gem Show

Either on your own or working with adult members of your club, help to decide on activities to include in a Kids‘ Activity booth at your local gem show, and then help to run the booth during the show.

Activity 9.7: Mentoring

Become a mentor to younger or less experienced members of your club, sharing your knowledge and experience with them in a specific project, such as how to craft a cab, how to build and curate a collection, etc.