Waco Gem and Mineral Club, Waco, Tx

9.1 Becoming a Youth Officer


9.1: Becoming a Youth Officer

Building leaders is essential to the future of our clubs, providing the guidance, ideas, and inspiration that keep us all going. It‘s never too early to start cultivating the leaders of tomorrow! You should think about assigning or electing youth officers, especially if you have older kids within your group. The overall structure might mirror the offices of your adult club, but with fewer positions and fewer demands. Adjust the type and number of offices to the ages and abilities of the kids in your group and the size of your group.

If you have a large number of older kids who prove enthusiastic and ambitious, some basic offices to consider might be a youth group President to oversee meetings and to help decide what topics and activities to pursue for the coming year. A Recording Secretary would keep notes from meetings to outline, distribute, and archive and to include in the regular club newsletter. A Treasurer could help lead efforts to raise funds to be used for special youth events and might help run the youth activity booth at your local gem show (see Activity 9.6). A Newsletter Editor might oversee constructing a youth newsletter or a youth section of your club‘s regular newsletter (see Activity 9.5). A Field Trip coordinator could help decide on two or three special trips for the kids in your club to organize and to take over the course of a year (for instance, an outdoor collecting trip during warmer weather and an indoor visit to a museum for the colder or rainier seasons).

If you have a small group with mostly young kids, you may end up appointing a single Youth Assistant from among the older, more mature kids within the group. Such an assistant might help give advice about activities to try in a group setting that he or she believes would be the most interesting to his/her friends and could help you come in early to do any advance preparations and set-up.

With all the demands kids have on their time today, however, don‘t overload them. This should be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, not a burden or a drudge.