Waco Gem and Mineral Club, Waco, Tx

9.2 Organizing a Group Display


9.2: Organizing a Group Display

One thing I always look for at a local gem show—and more and more often am disappointed not to find—is a Pebble Pups group display. Frequently, members of neighboring clubs band together and enter a club display at shows of neighboring clubs, and the combined efforts and materials make for truly outstanding exhibits.

Similarly, while a single young child just starting out in the hobby may not have many pieces in his or her collection, the combined efforts of all the kids in a club can result in a great display that illustrates the range of individual interests and the overall scope of the hobby. The kids in any club should always be encouraged to put together such a group display—and it‘s even better if the kids themselves take charge of organizing and arranging it.

For any kids who volunteer to oversee such an effort, you should lend advice and assistance as requested and should the need become apparent. Hold a meeting with the kid/s organizing the effort to discuss how to go about it and share the Back-up pages for Badge 6 – Showmanship, especially Activity 6.1 on techniques for effective displays. Among the procedures they‘ll need to consider are:

Should we have a theme (for instance, fossils, or the many varieties of quartz, or local rocks and minerals)?

How and when will we gather together material from our fellow club members?

Where and when will we all meet to talk about how best to arrange our display?

Where will we get our case and when will we set it up?

What will we need for set-up (e.g., liners, risers, display stands, etc.)?

Will we make uniform labels or ask that everyone bring their own labels?

How will we keep track of everyone‘s individual specimens?

How and when we will return everyone‘s specimens?

The easiest place to assemble such a group display is at the club‘s annual show. However, search out other public spots within the community, as well, such as the local library, public schools, local museums, or perhaps a friendly jewelry or crafts store owner.

Note: Kids who participate in constructing a group display can use this activity toward earning their Showmanship badge simultaneously (Activity 6.4).