Waco Gem and Mineral Club, Waco, Tx

9.3 Leading a Show and Tell


9.3: Leading a Show-and-Tell Session or Presentation

Kids expressing an interest in leading a group show-and-tell session, presentation, or symposium should be provided with Badge 7 – Communication, especially for Activity 7.1 – Oral report and Activity 7.5 – Holding a symposium.

Show-and-tell sessions are the easiest to arrange and ought to be organized around a theme. Here are just a few ideas:

Things I collected on our most recent club field trip.

Things I purchased at our annual club show.

What I‘ve made at our club workshop.

My most valuable specimen and why I like it.

While a free-flowing show-and-tell session can more-or-less run itself once it gets going, a full-scale symposium can take a great deal more planning. If your junior member chooses to go this route, be sure to take the time to review Activity 7.5, and then—have fun!

Note: Kids who participate in a group show-and-tell session or presentation can use this activity toward earning their Communication badge simultaneously (Activities 7.1 and 7.5).