Waco Gem and Mineral Club, Waco, Tx

9.7 Mentoring


9.7: Mentoring

Actually, if any of your kids have been taking the lead on the various activities outlined above, they‘ve already most likely been mentoring!

Becoming a mentor means helping younger or less experienced club members, sharing one‘s knowledge and experience with them in a specific project, such as how to craft a cab, how to build and curate a collection, how to identify a mineral or fossil, etc. A mentor is someone who is always on hand, ready and willing to lend help and advice as a friendly and sympathetic colleague, someone who has already been through the ropes and who can share from experience.

As new kids join the club, you might consider formally assigning a buddy to them from among your more experienced club members—a mentor who shares whatever interest the new club member arrives with and who can help channel and cultivate that interest.