Waco Gem and Mineral Club, Waco, Tx

6.4 Making Your Own Public Display


6.4: Making Your Own Public Display

NoteThis activity is required for kids to earn the Showmanship badge.

A fun and rewarding aspect of our hobby is sharing what we‘ve found, collected, and learned about with others. Collections aren‘t meant to be hoarded and hidden away. Kids should be encouraged to share their collections in a public display. The best venue for that is your own club‘s annual rock show or a rock show held by a neighboring club or society.

If you club doesn‘t hold a show and if neighboring clubs are simply too far away to conveniently attend, other options to explore include a display at a county fair, in a lobby or library window display case at elementary or secondary schools, or at a science fair. Opportunities abound. For instance, my local public library has a display case in its foyer and welcomes individuals and nonprofit organizations installing educational displays for a month at a time. Regional museums sometimes also provide a display case for a temporary rotating display. These often must be reserved months in advance, so do some early legwork to locate such public spaces.

Check for opportunities like these within your community. Then assist your kids in taking advantage of them!

Note: Because several other badges involve making a public display, kids can work toward earning their Showmanship badge and other badges simultaneously. For instance, see Activities 2.3 (Earth Resources), 4.5 (Lapidary Arts), 5.4 (Collecting), 7.3 (Communication), 9.2 (Leadership), 17.8 (Special Effects), and 18.4 (Fluorescent Minerals).