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1.7 State Rocks Minerals and Gemstones


1.7: State Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones

The following table lists the officially designated rock, mineral, and/or gemstone for each state in the U.S. Have your kids to learn why their particular rock, mineral, or gemstone was selected. Some were selected because the rock or mineral was especially important to the economy of the state. For instance, limestone is the state rock of Indiana because of the contribution of limestone quarries to the state‘s economy. Indiana limestone helped to rebuild Chicago after its big fire in the nineteenth century and has been used in such historic buildings as the Washington Monument and the Empire State Building. Other state emblems were selected because they are unique to that particular state. For instance, benitoite was chosen as the state gemstone of California because it‘s only found in California. Kids can check with the state geological survey to learn the details behind their state rock, mineral, and/or gemstone, or they might try to unearth the original legislation that designated the official rock.

If you don‘t see a rock, mineral, or gemstone for your state, encourage your pebble pups and junior members to organize a letter-writing campaign to your state governor and legislature to nominate one! In organizing such a campaign, they should tell why the rock, mineral, or gemstone has special significance for the state. They might also write to rock clubs across the state to encourage others to join in their effort.

State Rock Mineral Gemstone
 Alabama  Marble  Hematite  Star Blue Quartz
 Alaska  none  Gold  Jade
 Arizona  Petrified Wood  Fire Agate  Turquoise
 Arkansas  Bauxite  Quartz  Diamond
 California  Serpentine  Gold  Benitoite
 Colorado  Yule Marble  Rhodochrosite  Aquamarine
 Connecticut  none  Garnet  none 
 Delaware  none  Sillimanite  none
 Florida  Agatized Quartz  none  Moonstone
 Georgia  Quartz  Staurolite  Amethyst
 Hawaii  none  Black Coral  none
 Idaho  none  Star Garnet  none
 Illinois  none  Fluorite  none
 Indiana  Limestone  none  none
 Iowa  Geode  none  none
 Kansas  none  none  none
 Kentucky  Kentucky Agate  Coal  Freshwater Pearl
 Louisiana  Petrified Palmwood  Agate  none
 Maine  none  Tourmaline  none
 Maryland  none  Patuxent River Stone  none
 Massachusetts  Roxbury Pudding Stone (Jasper)  Babingtonite  Rhodonite 
 Michigan  Petoskey Stone  none  Chlorastrolite 
 Minnesota  none  Iron  Lake Superior Agate 
 Mississippi  Petrified Wood  none  none
 Missouri  Mozarkite (Chert)  Galena   none
 Montana  none  Agate   Sapphire 
 Nebraska  Prairie Agate  none  Blue Chalcedony
 Nevada  Sandstone  Silver  Black Fire Opal / Turquoise
 New Hampshire  Conway Granite  Beryl  Smoky Quartz
 New Jersey  Stockton Sandstone  none  none
 New Mexico  none  none  Turquoise
 New York  none  Hematite  Garnet
 North Caroliina  Granite  none  Emerald
 North Dakota  none  none  none
 Ohio  none  none  Flint
 Oklahoma  Barite Rose  none  none
 Oregon  Thunder Egg  none  Sunstone
 Pennsylvania  none  none  none
 Rhode Island  Cumberlandite  Bowenite  none
 South Carolina  Blue Granite  none  Amethyst
 South Dakota  none  Rose Quartz  Fairburn Agate
 Tennessee  Limestone  Agate  River Pearl
 Texas  Petrified Wood  none  Blue Topaz
 Utah  Coal  Copper  Topaz
 Vermont  Marble / Slate / Granite  Talc  Grossular Garnet 
 Virginia  none  none  none
 Washington  none  none  Petrified Wood
 West Virginia  none  none  Chalcedony Coral
 Wisconsin  Wausau Red Granite  Galena  Ruby
 Wyoming  none  none  Nephrite Jade