Information and Resources for our Members

Name Tags
It is great that we feed the pig at our meetings because we don’t have or have lost or forgotten our name tags to drop a quartering the pig. The money from the pig goes toward our Scholarship program, and we really do appreciate every 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits or more.
HOWEVER, if you need a nametag you can purchase them at the businesses below,
Waco Gem & Mineral Club nametags are available at
Award Specialties
431 Lake Air Dr. Club
Print Mart
202 Deb (behind AutoNation Chevrolet)
Cost with a pin back is $8.00 (with tax $8.66),
and with a magnet back is $11.00 ($11.91).
Annual Waco Gem and Mineral Club dues are $12.00 for an individual membership or $20.00 for a family membership. Please check with Jackie if you aren’t sure whether you’ve paid your Dues!
Shop Fees
The lapidary workshop is in the clubhouse.
Lapidary Workshop fee is $2.00 per hour.
Slab Saw fee is an additional $2.00 per hour.
Class fees are always dependent upon class and instructor.
Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month (except July and September).
Time: 10:00 am.
Location: at the Waco Gem and Mineral Club Clubhouse
187 South McLennan Drive
Elm Mott, Texas.
Our website is:
Our Facebookebook is: